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Energy Performance Certificate ( EPC)

Energy Performance Certificate ( EPC)

From 1st October 2008, all non-domestic buildings on construction, sale and rent will require a Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (NDEPC) and a Recommendation Report (RR). This information will help owners and occupiers make their building more energy efficient and allow potential buyers and tenants to compare the energy performance of different buildings. This is being phased in from 6th April 2008 for buildings with a floor area of > 10000m². In July 2008, this will extend to buildings with a floor area of > 2500m².

By October 2008, all larger public buildings will require an annual Display Energy Certificate (DEC) highlighting their energy performance. This is to be displayed prominently in a place visible to the public. These buildings will also require an Advisory Report (AR) providing recommendations for energy improvements each seven years.

Fowler Sandford’s fully trained BRE accredited surveyors are able to undertake EPC’s for a wide range of property types throughout the region. Please contact Matt Bostock on 0114 2751441 to discuss your requirements further.